Plagiarism, sigh.

I’m sure many of you were aware of the plagiarism ‘scandal’ that hit the US industry headlines (Doug Gordan & Jasmine Star) last year surrounding the written word.

I would have thought most people would have learnt that stealing content or intellectual property is not ok – actually it’s illegal. I have been aware of photographers ‘borrowing’ the odd sentence from my website in the past and I’ve let it go.

But this time I won’t. I actually feel it’s my duty with my role in the industry and a Nikon Ambassador to highlight the issue.

This morning I discovered the content below – if you want to read the original you will find it on my website. She not only plagiarised my wedding wording but also portraiture. Maybe she missed the copyright logo on my website – that relates to all content – words and images. And because I’m actually a good person I won’t name her here.


I’ve written many columns and stood on many stages trying to educate you all about the importance of branding and being unique in a saturated market. When I train photographers I give 110% of my energy and my knowledge and hold nothing back. So it saddens me that someone would do this.

Ironically she recently booked to spend a day training with me and I shall be cancelling her booking. I have no desire to teach someone whose ethics are so at odds with my own.

I rarely ask people to share – but this time I am – for the sake of the industry. Thank you.

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  1. Dave Packer says:

    Very sad indeed Kate, glad you ditched her from the training course

  2. Sorry to read about your experience Kate,

    A simple search identifies the culprit [who has deleted the text from her website]. Google’s cache means that, for the time being, her plagiarism is public knowledge for those who care to look.

    You probably will not take too much comfort in the news that you are not alone. In my case, several of my photographs have been used without my permission, so I feel your pain.

    My suggestion is that fellow professional photographers visit for evidence of how widespread the plagiarism of words and images is today. Fortunately, it is very easy to find the perpetrators out.

    Stay strong


  3. i’ve attended a few of your talks and you have always been engaging and forth coming with tips and information. The fact someone in our industry, who should know better, has done this is just terrible.

    Hope you get it resolved very soon.

  4. Sorry to hear this has happened to you Kate.

    If you search for the first sentence on that page in quote marks on Google you will find there are quite a few other pages that have verbatim copied you.

  5. Hello Kate, I admire your work and it’s such a shame that some people is stealing other’s efforts withouth any problem. I’m sorry this happened to you. That happened to me too a few years ago, I know the feeling. Although the “borrowed” images were removed inmediately, I still feel disgusted thinking about those people. You have all my solidarity.
    Chiara from Copenhagen, Denmark

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